Wednesday, 11 February 2009

the rain it raineth

...the rain it raineth and it poureth but finally it stopped. so that's me happy, and my dog. and a million people smiled. and i have to keep this story short as my blokey is waiting and i do get engrossed on this computer thing...

so, today's pic is a blokey who was a bit fed up...of the rain, the gales, the feisty seagulls, the narky people about town with a grim twist to their, er, grimace.

yer, he was pissed off. but then he decided to have a dance, in the park beneath dripping trees where blackbirds pulled worms. and he began to enjoy himself, in fact his heart began to sing until he just couldn't keep it in and a huge, huge song flowed out of his throat like love and bird song and spring sunshine and tipsyness.

and here's a picture i sketched of him when i was walking my damp dog in the park this morning.
looks lovely doesn't he?

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