Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rare Bird

She logged out for the last time last year and has been offline ever since, a New Year’s Eve resolution and challenge she can't resist. 

I heard her stash of sloe gin helped ease her through January’s grimness and those long nights of wanting to post, tweet or update status. 

In fact the crimson potion did its thing in sending her remarkable visions such as one of Piskey sat on her bed knitting a cardie for her.

She also began to imagine she was walking around wearing a dress like the one Scarlett O’Hara was wont to wear. So a friend said. 

In fact her friends are concerned and noticed a change in her like she no longer cares, she's even stopped looking in the mirror before she goes to work and has begun singing to herself. And she smiles a lot. 

Unfortunately her blog is no longer updated cos I’d love to know what’s in her head, this offline girl of the 21st century, a rare bird.